The hype; Mindfulness training for lay people

Pelatihan kesadaran telah dilakukan oleh Jon Kabat-Zinn kepada karyawan Google. Mindfulness adalah kondisi di mana seseorang sepenuhnya sadar, menjadi pengamat bagi dirinya sendiri. Secara teori mereka semestinya sudah mencapai kondisi bahagia yang langgeng.

Gnothi Se Auton

Mindfulness training has been quite a hype since Jon Kabat-Zinn gave the training to Google employees. After waiting for some years at last there are some courses offered at the local volksuniversiteit. For one course they refer to a teacher from the local Vipassana Center, which means that probably the teacher does have proper theoretical and practical knowledge of the original meditation technique Vipassana.

However I find the short information online not clear enough, they mention something like ‘learn to focus your mind in a specific way.’ The goal is to get relaxation, increase personal well-being and in the end increase productivity. Long live capitalism!

I am curious what kind of theory they lecture on such training, yet since I have no plan to pay more than a hundred euro for it, and nobody around me seems to be interested to take a course either, I suppose that I…

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